Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday- October 3rd

Yay! It's finally Friday and I just love this linky party from Doodlebugs Teaching!

Here are my top 5 favs from the week! 
My kids are ROCKING retelling stories now that we have introduced 
"Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then" 
I can't believe how fast my kids picked it up and how easy it seemed to be. We have retold many stories the past couple weeks using this method including Amelia Bedelia Bakes Her First Apple Pie, and the kids favorite, Scaredy Squirrel!! 
Example from one of my students:
Somebody: Scaredy Squirrel 
Wanted: to never ever leave his nut tree because he was afraid of the "unknown" 
But: a killer bee came into the tree! 
So: Scaredy Squirrel panicked and jumped from the tree into the unknown! 
Then: he realized that he's a FLYING squirrel and now he has now added "jumping into the unknown" into his daily routine. 
A couple of TPT purchases and freebies that I'm currently obsessed with... 

LOVING these FREE random partner cards from Making it as a Middle School Teacher
They are AWESOME! 
The kids actually request for me to use these instead of letting them choose partners (we all know that student choice is highly encouraged- but picking their own partners is usually a recipe for disaster)
Click here to grab your FREE partner cards from Making it Teacher! 

I'm also LOVING this "Would you Rather" pack from Jen Bradshaw. 
These writing prompts (as well as the student's responses) crack. me. up. and they also really make the kids think!

I'm putting my favorite prompt into the Writing Center next weekend. 
Can't wait to read their reasons!! 

I posted a couple of freebies of my own this week! Be sure to read my post about how my students made our Classroom Creed- and grab your free copies below!

Math is amazing this year. I mean seriously, I love it. We are using the Go Math Curriculum and I don't have a single complaint. 
(knock on wood) 
We are teaching Place Value for the 1st nine weeks... and I'm sure you're thinking,
 "How in the world can you stretch out place value into 9 weeks!?"
 But it can be done my friends! 
I am so pleased with my student's deep understanding of base ten and how to compare numbers using their knowledge of the digit's value. 

So far, I think their favorite activity has been "How much is your initial worth?" 
Original idea found here !!

Fall Parent Conferences have started this week.... 
That's all I got, folks. ;) 

Have a wonderful Friday, and don't forget to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for this fun linky party!


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