Thursday, October 2, 2014

Classroom Newsletter via S'more!

Do you create weekly classroom newsletters to send home to your parents?? Not gonna lie, I hated creating those each week to send out- especially when I felt that parents weren't even looking at them. {Can I get an Amen?}

I was so thankful that a teacher at my school introduced me to a S'more!! 
(no graham crackers or marshmallows needed) 
Here is our classroom S'more created via
Y'all, I love this.

You can add pictures, videos, links, important info- and it's SO easy!! Each week I send the newsletters ( calls them "flyers") as a link inside of an email. 
They open it up and here is what they see...

isn't it pretty?? 

I'm a pic-aholic. I love the S'more because it allows me to insert all of my pictures I post to our Classroom Twitter throughout the week- which is great since most of my parents don't like getting on that "Twitter nonsense"- ha!
I also include things like the weekly schedule, important dates, spelling list, and weekly highlights/events 

I love the variety of choices that S'more lets you add to your flyer. Not to mention all of the backgrounds, fonts, and colors you can choose from week to week.
Next week, I plan on inserting a youtube video called "Quick and Easy Way to Tie Your Shoes!" for the kids to watch with their parents over the weekend! 

The only downfall about and I mean ONLY- is that they have changed their policy. 
Last year, I had an unlimited amount of flyers that I was able to create. This year, when I reached 5 flyers, it prompted me to buy a subscription for the year because I had ran out of "free flyer credits". 
After talking with a few parents and getting some feedback, I learned how much the parents LOVE them! They love them so much in fact that one of my SWEET, and oh so generous, parents gave me a check the next day to cover the 40$ cost of the subscription. 
{Have I mentioned how amazing my parent-support is? They truly are the best!}

If you haven't checked out do it! I promise, you won't regret it!! 


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