Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus Day!!

Don't y'all just LOVE Columbus Day?? I appreciate that guy like no other. 
After all, I'm still sitting at home in my PJ's thanks to Mr. Columbus accidentally finding the Americas in 1492. 
 I think I'll celebrate by making some brownies in his honor :)

How do you celebrate Columbus Day in the classroom?? 
We started our Columbus Day festivities on Thursday before we left for the long weekend- and we had lots and lots of fun! 
Original idea found here: 
Our friends, Annie and Moby from BrainPopJr helped us with some important information about Columbus.  The "Columbus Day" video is the Movie of the Week- which means you can view it for FREE even if you don't have an account! :) 
{Click the picture to view it!}

While we were listening to BrainPop, we completed a Cloze Activity to record some of the facts! Click the pic below to download my FREE Columbus Day Cloze activity for your little ones! 
The kids became instant fans of Mr. Columbus! 

Next up... it was time to create our balloon globes!! 
{and insanely crazy} 

A piece of advice...
 Be smart like my teammate and have one of your awesome parents help you out by getting 21 helium filled blue balloons- with strings attached- in order to save your own precious oxygen
...and also prevent balloon soccer from happening in your room! 

Here's how we did it! 
- The kids colored the 7 continents on this coloring sheet 
-and the "super awesome pirate ships" {what???} other wise known as the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria ships from this coloring sheet.
-Cut the pieces out 
-Glue Antarctica next to the balloon tie! I told the kids this is the South pole. 
-We used a map of the world as a reference to figure out where the other continents should go. 
-Next up, the journey trail! We learned that Columbus sailed WEST from Spain to the Americas, so we used a sharpie marker to create the journey trail across the ocean. 
-Afterwards, we glued the three ships on the trail. 

This student decided to draw his 3 ships- too cute!! 

This was a super fun project that I absolutely loved- and so did the kids!! 

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Thanks for stopping by :) 

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  1. This is the cutest activity ever! I saw you post this on IG and it is really adorable. If it wasn't 10PM I'd go run out and buy balloons. It is clear your students loved this!


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