Saturday, January 10, 2015

GoNoodle Sanity Savers Linky!!

Okay, this is super fun! 
I'm linking up with the adorable Elizabeth Hall at Kickin' It In Kindergarten!! 
(Can I just say I got to meet her in Vegas this Summer- and she was one of the sweetest girls ever!)

Today's linky is all about GoNoodle- and a little bit about me! 

If you haven't heard about how much I love GoNoodle, you obviously haven't read my posts here and here
It's a healthy obsession, I promise. :) 

Favorite Brain Breaks- Indoor Recess Mash Ups!! 
Oh my goodness!! This was exactly what this teacher needed this week!! With NO recess for 4 days in a row, we were going CRAZY! So thankful that GoNoodle created these 15 minute mash ups (a warm up, mix of different brain breaks, and a cool down!) 
The most engaging and energizing brain breaks on the web - all in one site, kid-approved and free! @GoNoodleBreaks
I also can't get enough of "Chillax" before we take a spelling test or when I just need those little bodies to calm it down. 
The most engaging and energizing brain breaks on the web - all in one site, kid-approved and free! @GoNoodleBreaks

Happy Place- Canton, TX. 
I wish you could say that you could find me there the first Monday of every month, but with this freezing cold weather...and the lack of money in my wallet right now...I just can't. 
But you can bet that I'm taking a personal day to head out to get my antique shopping on in March!! 

Guilty Pleasure- Reality T.V 
I have no shame in this. Should I? #sorrynotsorry 
I can't get enough of my Bachelor nights with my girls, as well as anything on Bravo! 
"Prince Farming"- ABC will never stop the cheesiness. 

Keep Calm And.... Pray for Snow!! 
I have to go with Elizabeth on this one- Texas is definitely feeling left out of the Snow Days. Where's our "wintery mix" we keep hearing about!? :( 

Thanks Elizabeth for hosting!! Now head on over to her linky to link up for your chance to win some fun GoNoodle Swag! 


  1. I loved meeting you too!!! I hope you are coming back this year! Listen...I am right in your wheelhouse with the bachelor. My husband might like it just as much as I do =) I like the guidance counselor! I think she's my top pick as of now!

  2. My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor too! Although my boyfriend does not feel the same way... he puts on his headphones and plays online poker on Monday nights lol

    A Pinch of Kinder

  3. I love how so many of our guilty pleasures are The Bachelor! Gotta love Prince Farming. My husband likes the first few episodes so he can weigh in on the girls...ew! After that he only tunes in for a little with me because "sports are on."

  4. Hi Ally, you are the cutest! I love gonoodle and I love your blog! So glad I found you!
    Teaching and Much Moore


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