Wednesday, November 19, 2014

GoNoodle Challenge Success!!

If you read my last GoNoodle post, you would know that our class has taken upon a new challenge!!
My class has GoNoodle in their blood y'all. For real. 
My kids were curious if other teachers in the building were doing GoNoodle- or even knew about what it was. We took a survey from each teacher. My kids were mind blown that the majority of the teachers in our school does not have their class participate in these awesome brain breaks. 
"What are they thinking???" one student asked. Ha!
They were determined to make a difference.

For 5 weeks, we spent time on Friday mornings to work on this mission: 
"How will we as first graders convince other teachers in the school to use GoNoodle" 

We had to do a little brainstorming first... 
Why do we like GoNoodle? 

What are our 3 favorite things? 

Then we had to brainstorm ways we would get the word out for how amazing GoNoodle is to our teachers! Our class goal was to have at least a total of 16 teachers in the building to use GoNoodle. ((cross your fingers))

Throughout this process, we were tweeting out our plan of how to achieve our goal, My kids were so excited to see that GoNoodle RETWEETED our tweets and replied back!! #celebstatus
"How can we be a part of their marketing team???" 

Later in the week, they sent us some super cool GoNoodle Swag to help us in our effort in spreading the GoNoodle Love!
Even our principal got in on the fun! :)
The next thing on our agenda was to create invitations for teachers to come to our GoNoodle Powered Classroom and see what the hype is all about! 
We made sure to list some of the reasons why teachers should use GoNoodle: 
-its FREE! 
-Your kids will love you
-GoNoodle can help your kids calm down before a test
-It get's their wiggles out! 
-It helps kids learn
-Movement is important in all grades

We created videos of the kids doing GoNoodle brain breaks and turned them into QR Codes to put on posters around the school...
Then it was time to create and hang the posters in all of the "hot spots" we could find around the school!

The next week, we delivered our invitations to all of the teachers. It was the sweetest thing to watch these determined first graders BEG the teachers to come to our class! 

"What's GoNoodle" ... "Don't worry, we aren't eating noodles- we are USING our noodles! Come and See!" 
A week has passed since we delivered our invites. It took some waiting (and maybe some begging) for teachers to come and check it out. 
We are proud to say that so far, 4 different classes have come to see our GoNoodle Powered Classroom with their students!
We danced, We persuaded, and succeeded!! 
As of now, we have 14 teachers who have implemented GoNoodle in their classroom! :) We may not have reached our goal of 16 teachers, but we aren't giving up hope! 

My kids had the best time with this challenge. I took all of the pictures and videos from the past week and created a video to showcase their hard work. I'm so proud of them!! 
Click on the picture below to view it:
Thank you GoNoodle for all you do for kids.
Your biggest fans in Coppell, Texas will continue to spread the love!! :)


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