Monday, August 4, 2014

Show Us What You Bought- TPT B2S SALE!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show all that I've purchased from TPT lately! 
I opened my wallet a tad early last week before I knew about the amazing sale. OOPS

BUT, I'm SUPER pumped about all of my purchases!! Here we go...

Interactive Notebooking is a MUST for me this year. 
Can't. Wait. 
So, I had to grab all three of these fabulous packs! 
Primary Graffiti's Interactive Science, and Deanna Jump's Interactive Reading BUNDLE! ... I think starting with these will be good for this year. If all goes well, I'll tackle Interactive Math notebooks the next year. 
(Any suggestions on a great Math version??)

I'm so excited to FINALLY use Cara's Math Missions
I think this will be the perfect addition to my math centers for my fast finishers. 

While surfing TPT for some more "gotta have it"s, I found Lindsey's Inflectional Endings pack! 
Super fun ways to teach -ing and -ed! 

 Y'all have already heard me PRAISE Hope King and her fabulous class I attended in Vegas. She has truly changed my mindset as a teacher. I've always thought of myself as a passionate, engaged, and out of the box teacher, but I had no idea what it meant to TRULY engage my students until I met Hope. #rockstarteacher
Well, she now has outdone herself with an AMAZING ebook focusing on nothing but Engagement! 
It is incredible. And a definite MUST have. #letsstartanepidemic
 And I'll be logging back in tomorrow to snatch up her amazing science resource for Matter!
 More amazing lessons. I swear, they're never ending. #shesagenius 

I can't decide on my MOST favorite resource I've found- but this one is pretty darn close to #1. Coming from a teacher that never had Guided Reading training when I first started teaching 5 years ago, I can easily say that Rachelle has SAVED me with Guided Reading
No more boring "let's read the book and answer questions" lessons. 

Michelle Oakes has created the PERFECT Focus Wall pack. I mainly purchased it for the fabulous Math vocabulary cards inside! Love all of the fun colors!

This last purchase I came across on Instagram. (follow me @loopinlittles) 
If you're needing an easy way to put together Parent Information for Meet the Teacher, check out Miss. Johnston's EDITABLE Classroom Information Flip Book! LOVED how easy it was to edit and very simple to create! 

Basically, what I have to show for after today is ...
...5 binders FULL of my oh-so pretty purchased products, now 3 hole punched and filed...
...a MOUND of "need to laminate" papers...
...and an empty bank account... 
SO thankful for this #b2s14 sale! Definitely feel ready for the new year! 

Thank you to all of the sellers who are creating this FAB products! 
One day I hope to find the time, energy, and creativity. One day...


  1. I love the interactive note-booking products you bought! I am going to look into this for the 4th grade level! I am one of those...hoping to be TpT Sellers! I do have products up, but geez, there are amazing people out there! Where do they find the time?!?! :)
    Teaching with Smiles

  2. I have every one of those products and love them all. Your kiddos are going to love the matter unit!

  3. Wow! You got a lot of good stuff! I love using Interactive Notebooks! I'm a fellow wanna be tpt seller as well. :)

  4. Awesome post! It was fun to see everything you bought. :)


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