Friday, August 8, 2014

QR Code Listening Center

Do you use QR codes in your classroom? 

When our staff was trained on it a couple years ago, I was HOOKED! They are so fun for the students- the little ones believe its *MAGIC* ! 
The best part about them is they are SO easy to use. 

First, you will need a QR Code Reader App. You can download it on your smartphone right now! 
My favorite reader is "i-nigma" 
As soon as you've downloaded it, scan the purple code below to see how it works! 
It will take you directly to my Bloglovin page for you to follow :)
Way cool, y'all. 

I immediately started brainstorming how I can use these in my classroom. 
The possibilities are ENDLESS! 

A few ways I use them...

I have a QR code outside my classroom for parents and visitors to scan in order to see our classroom website! It's a great way for them to "peek inside" what's going on in Mrs.Saxon's class :) 

For Meet the Teacher, I create business cards on Word and print on cardstock. (Vistaprint is too expensive for this bargain girl) On my card is a QR code for the parents to scan. As soon as they do that, my contact information pops up on their phone! At that time, they are able to save my contact info for future use. 
So. Cool. 
Yes, you will have some parents saying "Ummm, I don't want to download an app just to scan this." That is when you force insist they do so, and then their mind is blown! 

We've done many scavenger hunts around the school with QR codes as well! It was a fun way to have the young ones tour the school and introduce them to different areas of the building. We did the hunts whole group pretending to be quiet little mice-shhhhh!

My most FAVORITE way to use these clever little guys is for a Listening Center! 
You can choose to glue the QR code on the inside cover of a book or place them on a ring for kids to scan! 

I love watching the kids find a more difficult book (one they would never attempt to read- "too many words" they say)... but because of the QR code, they are able to scan and LISTEN to any of the stories in the Listening Center! For all of you who do Daily 5 in your class, you now have a new Listen to Reading idea! **You're Welcome**
{Sure, we could stick to the library we have of books on tape- but that is SO last decade ;) }

Want to grab yourself some Listening Center QR Codes?? Click the picture below! 

FYI- I create all of my codes on 

Happy Scanning! :) 


  1. This is so cool! I'm off to buy it right now! What device do your kids use to scan it? Ipads?

    1. It's so much fun!! Our classroom has 6 itouches for student use. I have them plug in their headphones into the device so I don't hear all of the stories around the room playing. You could always use an iPad or any smartphone though! The kids LOVE it!! Purchase it today while it's only 2$! :)


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