Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Classroom- The "BIG" Reveal !!

It's finally HERE! Meet the Teacher is TONIGHT and after a solid month of prep, my classroom is FINALLY ready. (and no, I didn't even change rooms) 
After attending the "I Teach 1st" Conference this Summer, my "to do list" grew ...
and grew...
and grew...
I may not be completely finished checking things off the list, but I can finally share my "classroom digs".
I'm so excited to start the year and can't wait to have my classroom be a true learning EXPERIENCE!!!  

Enough talking... let's see some pictures! :)

When you're standing in my doorway, this is what you see...

And yes, our rooms feel HUGE because of our amazing vaulted ceilings. Love them!

I have 2 main meeting areas in my room for different reasons. 
One large space in front of the Word Wall where I do my read-alouds and word work activities...
...and another space in front of the Smartboard (where all the magic happens)
Our school is so blessed by our PTO and there incredible generosity- all of the teachers are so spoiled by technology.

Here's a little close up of my 50+ sock monkeys I have in my room... ha!

And to think that 3 years ago, I only started with ONE monkey... (that big guy on the right)

Love having a wide variety of pointers for the kids to use- the chomping shark is for sure the class favorite!

 Next to my Smartboard area, I have the student's book boxes and such...
(Once school starts, the numbers on the boxes will be replaced with photos of their cute little faces)

Read about how I use these monthly storage units HERE!

If we zoom in a bit, you can see my Great Expectations board. Our school is not a GE Model school (yet) but we are pretty darn close!! You won't see a clip chart {GASP!!!} or classroom "rules" in my classroom. Instead, we have 8 classroom expectations the kids are expected to follow. Our classroom is based on a Climate of Mutual Respect and we refer to a Magic Triad throughout the day that encourages the kids to make good choices.
I love me some G.E!! :)
I am a HUGE Bucket Filler Fan... I use the lingo from the book constantly, and I LOVED Christie's poster you can find here
The heart mirror was too cute for me to pass up at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's the perfect size for the board and is a reminder for students (and me!) to do a "neck-up, check up" in the mirror for a quick attitude check! It works wonders for little ones. 
{Read more about Great Expectations here!}

Moving on...
 My Writing Center may be my favorite spot in the room. It's probably because I LOVE teaching Writing!
I found that long paper roll thingy at IKEA! Jackpot. My girls will love to pull that out to draw on. 
I got the adorable pencil from The Teacher Wife :)

The kids LOVE the Class Shared Journals! Be sure to visit my post on how I use these in my classroom. Click on the picture to get your FREE Journal Covers!

If you move a little further down the back wall, you will find my Science Area!
(Those ugly brown cabinets up top won't be ugly for long...they will soon be covered with student work!)

Up on the cabinets, I have a "Science Talk" section where I will put up Science vocabulary we learn throughout the year. 
After attending the Sally Ride Training last year, I learned that no matter what age, students really need a designated area to EXPLORE! 
This Science Observation area will change throughout the school year as we are going through different units, but we are ready to rock and roll with our Rocks Unit!... see what I did there? ;)
I'm planning on using my "Wonder Wall" for ANYTHING the kids are wondering about. I have a cute little light bulb post-it that the kids will write things such as "I wonder why the sky is blue" or "I wonder why boogers taste so good, but you aren't allowed to eat them"
 {OMG. SERIOUSLY! Get your finger out of your nose!!} 
Inside the green organizer, you will find magnets, hand lenses, and droppers...

My Math center definitely got a makeover this school year. After learning all about Cara Carroll's dessert tub rotations, I had to steal that idea! The grey tubs are their dinner rotations (what they have to do) and the green tubs are their dessert (what they can do after they are finished with dessert). 
SO cute, right!? 
I will place the kids into math groups and their names will be next to the numbers on the red rotation chart.
And did you spy the Red "CONFIDENTIAL" folder on the board? That's a part of Cara's Math Missions pack!! SO excited to use it this year!! 
A close up of the math baskets...

 Around my Math board I have hands to help us Add by 5's... and dots to help us add by 2's...
(I went to a conference last Summer that mentioned how we should say "Add by" and not "skip count by" because essentially what the kids are doing is ADDing... why not call it that? Hmmm)

Some decor things around my room... 
Hope King is a straight up genius, and her Setting the Stage to Engage has been the forefront of my mind as I prepare my class for my firsties this year. This quote will forever be engraved on my mind! :)
Found the adorable balloon idea from Reagan Tunstall! I used Laffy Taffy I found from Sams! 
Can't wait to get the kid's pictures in the squares for my birthday door...
(Behind the door is a bathroom- with a SUPER tiny, little potty)
No, I don't let kids use it...and yes, it houses a TON of junk storage.

My desk/ kid-proof area...

Last but certainly not least...
I couldn't have finished my room without the help of my incredibly talented and creative Mom!! Every year she takes a day off work to be my assisstant at school to help prepare for the new year. So thankful for her help and ideas. #momsarethebest

Thanks for swinging by to take a peek at my room! 

Be sure to click the picture below and link up with the other teachers so we can see YOUR #classroomdigs!


  1. Big puffy heart love your classroom!! The sock puppets are just awesome! Have a wonderful school year!! :)

  2. Can we trade classrooms? I was in love with mine, but now I'm in love with yours. I can't even decide what to compliment because I LOVE IT ALL! Thanks for linking up. :)

    My Carolina Classroom


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