Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#TeacherWeek15- Classroom Reveal!!!

My 6th year of teaching has begun!! 
And now it's time to reveal to you my home away from home for this year <3

Y'all, I'm in love. 
Let me start out by saying these pictures were taken one week into the school year. In other words, students have had their hands on everything and have completely messed some areas up made it their home! 
One more thing I want to say is...I didn't have to buy a single piece of furniture this year!! 
*insert happy dance here* 

Our amazing district was able to provide us with BRAND NEW flexible seating in all K-5 classrooms!! 
Bye-Bye heavy and cumbersome kidney table and desks....Hello Awesome-ness!!

(Never mind that the kids trip over the enormous bean bags)
 I have 3 of these bad boys in my room- 2 remain stacked for now until rest time

Back counter: cubbies, sink, writing center, student work and mailboxes
My student's book boxes are on a shelf behind the couch- I love how they are a little hidden so visitors don't see the clutter
Tally Mark pillows from Ikea :) 
Loving our new chairs and tables- these are 4 triangle tables put together
Math center in the back corner
And that blue piece of construction paper not put away nicely in the black hanging holder is driving. me. insane.
My teacher area (AKA kid free zone) is against that wall. The bean bags definitely come in handy for when we do team planning :) 
Classroom Library- My mom gave me my adorable chair when I got married 2 years ago <3
Meeting Area- yay for giant bean bags that are washable #saynotolice
Sit Spots on the carpet from

My mom came up with the adorable idea of "swagging" my alphabet- her words, not mine ;) I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and it's my favorite part of my room. I got my letters from Kinder Craze- obsessed with all of her classroom decor- and added my own ribbon in between each letter.

Working on my new white board "puzzle piece" small group table has been exactly what I needed! No more "please go get your whiteboard..(2 minutes later).. No, that's your journal, I said whiteboard..(another 3 minutes)..." #forthelove

Reading nook, Great Expectations Board, and display shelf
 A new detail, but one I'm super excited about is my new classroom cubbies! We painted them with black chalkboard paint. It was a process for sure. 
First, taking off the hardware (thank you hubby!) then spending a good amount time painting 2 coats (thank you Mom!) 
For now, they have yellow post it stickys with names. My classroom is currently a revolving door with students so once I feel it's solid, I'll add their names with some super cute Cara Carroll-inspired chalkboard lettering :) 

 Right now, I have seats for each child at a table but the option for various seating during Writer's Workshop and stations have been so much fun.
I love how the tables are super easy to move into any shape I want in order to accommodate different classroom activities.  After my routines and classroom expectations are set in place (I'm thinking October) we will have the choice of where to sit. My ideal situation would be for kids to choose where they feel they work best. Some students genuinely prefer to be in a chair at a table but we all know that other kids just want to have more freedom.
Hosting parents last night for Curriculum Night and having them lounge back on the couches or sprawl out in the bean bags showed me once again that our kids need to be comfortable! I finally feel like my classroom is exactly that- comfortable, and HAPPY!! 

Have you linked up with Blog Hoppin's #teacherweek to show off your Happy Classroom? 
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Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Wow! Your new furniture is gorgeous!
    I'm sure you're stoked for all of the comfy seating.

  2. Your classroom looks AMAZING! It's so inviting and looks like something you would put together :) It's happy and cozy. Hope you have a fabulous year friend <3


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