Friday, September 5, 2014

Five for Friday and Peek at my Week!

This girl is headed to Colorado for a family getaway weekend! 
Before I head out, I wanted to leave you with 5 randoms of my week...
My flippin' AMAZING #slantbox arrived from the oh-so-awesome Brianne (Hooo-Ray for Teaching)!! AH! Look at all of that amazingness. This new teacher friend of mine absolutely SPOILED me with goodies!! I may or may not have let out a ginormous squeal when I opened all of the Scentos swag, sock monkey washi tape, and my assorted post-its. Eek! 
Not sure what a Slant Box is? Head on over to Jameson's blog to find out more information! Such a fun way to meet new people, as well as shower fellow teachers with crazy awesome gifts that they totally deserve! :) 

It's been a week of awesome teacher mail!! 
Our class has been eagerly anticipating the delivery of our SitSpots!! Having these awesome bad boys make finding a Read to Self zone MUCH easier for my little ones. 

Y'all, I feel like I may have found a solution to the #1 annoyance in the classroom!! 
(Next to your students saying your name 100-umpteen times a day) 
Let me introduce to you the magic of the Sharpie Paint Pen...
No. More. Peeled. Sticky. Laminated. Picked-at. Dirty. Nameplates!! 
I have had the names written on the desks for a little over a week now, and I haven't had ONE student be tempted to try and scratch, or erase it! 
(knocking on wood as I type this)... 
Totally suggest grabbing yourself a pack of these amazing markers. Go ahead and save yourself from the constant pull your hair out moments when you have to scream tell your students to just leave the silly name tag ALONE!

 The best part? 
Easy clean up! Just rub a little Expo Marker over the top of it and it wipes off! 

Here are a couple activities inside... 
Apple Pickin' Tens and Ones
Money Match Up (coin recognition)
This matching game brings so much joy....
See??? :) 

Other games in my Math Tubs for the week have been: 
100's chart puzzles (laminated 100's chart cardstock cut up into pieces) Great for differentiation!
Addition shape puzzles
For this particular one, the students are making the sum of 7. They complete the puzzles by having the 2 correct addends meet that make the sum of 7. A completed puzzle makes a large rectangle.
Click the pic below to grab your own Math Addition Puzzles for your K-2 Math Center!
Math Addition Puzzles

I think my most FAVORITE thing I've worked on this week is my NEW and ADORABLE Sub Handbook created by the oh-so-talented, Amy Groesbeck!! Y'all, you HAVE to check out her store!! This Sub Handbook is 100% editable and completely worth the 5 bucks! 

Thanks for stopping by!! Don't forget to link up with Doodle Bugs with your own Five for Friday! 


  1. From reading your bio, it seems like we have a lot in common. I am an Allie too, but spelled differently. I am also eager to start a TPT store. I DEFINITELY want to get involved with SLANT box- looks so fun! I love meeting new people. I agree with you- sub plans can be stressful. Amy's cute pack makes it a little more bare able! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. I have always wondered about Slant Boxes! Thanks for the info, sounds awesome!! The sit spots sound awesome!

  3. Your blog is soooo cute! I looped one year with my students and LOVED it. I just joined the SLANT box this month! I'm super excited to give it a try!!!!! :) I never thought to use Sharpie pens! CUTE!!!! I'm a new follower! :)
    Mixing it up in Middle

  4. Your blog is pure awesome-sauceness


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